Will you dare ...

to be part of a strong economic and ecological project ?


Will you dare ...

to help us intensify energy decentralization ?


Will you dare ...

to team up with one of the major contributors
to a clean and available energy ?


Weeel Energy
Will You Dare ?


Will you dare ...

to take part in a project with a strong economical and eco-logical impact ?


Will you dare ...

to involve yourself in the decentralisation of the energy market ?


Will you dare ...

to be one of those who contribute
to a clean energy available in quantity ?


Weeel Energy

Will You Dare ?

Energy, in transition :

The energy sector and electricity production are now facing unprecedented issues. Its production must become clean while ensuring exponential growth in demand.

About 65% of the world’s electricity production comes from Gaz, Carbon and Oil ?

Renewables energies give a major response to the systematic demand growth?

41% of CO2 emissions come from electricity production and 25% from transports ?

800 million of people do not have access to electricity ?

An innovation could resolve these critical issues by creating a virtuous circle ?

This technology had the lowest cost of production in the world ?

We just walk into the next industrial revolution together ?

The Device

Weeel Energy has developped a unique solution allowing the multiplication of electrical energy through magnetic force.
A one-size-fits-all solution to increase to increase the ROI no matter  what source of energy is used :

 Photovoltaic and Solar, Hydro-electricity, Wind-electricity, Biomass, Tidal, etc.

Photovoltaic and Solar




The Applications

Our innovation is cross-functional and allows us to increase production capacities while reducing consumer demand.

The Project Roadmap

2007 . Beginning of the Project

Research & Development

Funded by its inventors, the research that brought to the development of the technologiy began in 2007.

02 . 16 . 2018

Certification of the 1st patent

A concept prototype allowed to validate the idea and the first patent with the INPI.

November . 2020

Creation of Weeel Energy S.A

This date also matches to our first external funding. .

January . 2021

Creation of the 2nd prototype

Since september 2020, our ingineers started the production of an electrical demonstrator which will consistently show its benefits | 12 months.

Q1 . 2022

Fund Raise

Q2 . 2022

Realization of the marketable prototype

Implementation of consumer and producer POCs. Beginning of public communication / 18-24 months.

Q1 & Q2 . 2024

Commercialzation phase

2024 is the objective we have set for the industrialization and commercialization of our technology.

Our Team

Our team is united around Antoine and Vincent Gemma in order to give life to the project Weel Energy

Antoine GemmaCTO & Inventor
Vincent Gemma Chief Executive Officer
Charles CiavaldiniChief Operative Officer
Didier FrançoisCo-Inventor
Guillaume RuchChief Financial Officer
Olivier WayenbergBoard Member & Investor